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BigBuzz electric handy room heater

  • Room size: 250 sq ft
  • Dimension: 17 x 15 x 9 Centimetres
  • Heating method: convection
  • Power source type: Electrical
  • Customer review: 3.5/5

BigBuzz electric handy room heater is one of the most affordable spot type room heaters. It provides fast heating in the area of 250 sq ft. this heater is pretty simple to use you just need to simply plugin into the 16 amp plug and turn on the switch.

This heater comes with an adjustable thermostat so you can easily set up the temperature between 15c to 32c according to your convenience it also provides an adjustable wind speed. It comes with a timer feature so you can set the timer for a time as long as you want. This heater has a beautiful LED display so you can monitor the temperature wind speed and timer.

This heater provides safety against overheating and electrical failure.  This room heater is so handy even you can keep this heater in your bag.  If you love to travel in cold places then this heater can be perfect for you. Click here to check our articles on the top 6 best room heaters.


  1. So much affordable.
  2. High performance at low cost.
  3. Provides high-speed heating.
  4. Provides stunning safety.
  5. Easy to use anywhere.
  6. Light-weighted.
  7. Comes with a timer and adjustable thermostat.
  8. Comes with a Digital LED display.
  9. The body remains cool so feel free to touch the body.
  10. Less consumption of electricity.
  11. this heater is one of the most loved budget room heaters.
  12. there is no need for any external batteries it works on direct electric power through the socket.


  1. Not suitable for outdoors and extra-large rooms. Click here to check the best room heater for a large room.

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  1. “The big buzz is a trend electronic gadget or appliance. The popularity of this product is increasing day by day.

    The best thing I liked about this post is that it talked about its pro and its cons. I liked this room heater and would love to get my hand on one of these for sure.”


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