Best Books for beginning readers

Best 12 Books to read for beginners

We are going to review some best books for beginning readers. As you all know Books are our best friends. Reading is the best universal hobby because there is not a single drawback of reading. we can learn something new, know something which can improve our knowledge also. There is so much power in books it also can change your life. At the start, it may sound a little boring but after completing a few books you will get addicted to reading. lol, not every addiction is injuries to health the book reading addiction is good for mental health. suppose if someone is suffering from the heard time of their life trust me books will help theme.

I have listed some best books for beginners. That can increase the hunger for reading.

No.NameCheck Price
12The dairy of a young girl Click Here
11To Kill A Mockingbird Click Here
10Little Women Click Here
9A suitable boy Click Here
8The collector’s wife Click Here
7Fluffy and me Click Here
6Mrs funnybones Click Here
5Maximum city Click Here
4The Blue Umbrella Click Here
3Midnight’s children Click Here
2The Glass Palace Click Here
1Train to Pakistan Click Here

12. The diary of a young girl

Author: Anne Frank

Subject: World war II Nazi occupation of the Netherlands

Genre: Autobiography

The dairy of a young girl is the most special book because this book is written by Anne Frank, she was the real-life victim of this story. On the 13th birthday of Anne Frank, her parents gifted a dairy and then after she started writing all moments of her life (like the Dear Dairy thing). This book is also known as The Diary of Anne Frank.

11. To Kill A Mockingbird

Author: Harper Lee

Subject: Racial epithets

Genre: Southern Gothic

To Kill A Mockingbird is the story which is basically centered around Racism. This story starts with the 6-year-old girl Scout and her brother Jem. They are the kids of the good-natured reputed black American layer Atticus Finch. Then one Blackman wrongly accused of a raping a white woman. And Atticus fights in favor of a black man and they got so many problems just because of racism in America. There are also so many lovely parts. It is the most beautiful story if once you started reading this book its heard to putting this book down.

10. Little Women

Author: Louisa May Alcott’s

Subject: continued relevance

Genre: Coming of Age

Little Women is the most addictive American lengthy Novel. It’s all about 4 march sisters Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy which are growing up in Boston after the Civil War and they wait for their father to return home. The writing style is classy although it is old-style writing but trust me you will love it.

9. A suitable boy

Author: Vikram Seth

Subject: Post Independence

Genre: Novel

A suitable boy is one of the best book by Vikram Seth. The novel follows the story of the 4 families, it centers on Mrs. Rupa Mehra’s effort to arrange the marriage of her daughter, Lata, to a Suitable boy. If you are an Indian then you should defiantly go for this book.

8. The collector’s wife

Author: Mitra Phukan  

Subject: Varied

Genre: Fiction

The collector’s wife is the story of the married couple Rukmini and Sidharth. Siddharth is the collector in Assam and Rukmini teaches English literature in a local college. Her life is settled in the binging and then after so many twists come in this story. If you like suspense in the book then you should go for this book. There are too much suspense and twists come in this book.

7. Fluffy and me

Author: Anita Krishnan

Subject: Selfless love

Genre: Fiction

Fluffy and me is the most beautiful story of unconditional love between a young girl and her Dog (Lhasa apso). this story is full of laugher, tears, and sensitiveness. It is the cutest story that you will remind for the rest of your life. You should go for this book if you are a beginner.

6. Mrs funnybones

Author: Twinkle Khanna

Subject: Humor

Genre: Autobiography

Mrs funnybones is written by a famous Bollywood actress, Designer, and writer Twinkle Khanna. The story is all about her life between professional life and personal life. if you are a huge Bollywood fan and always wanted to sneak in actress`s personal and professional line then this book is perfect for you. This is a quite lite and funny book.

5. Maximum city

Author: Suketu Mehta

Subject: Travel

Genre: Creative nonfiction

Maximum city is the nonfiction book but it feels like a thriller one. This book is all about Mumbai. Suketu Mehta is basically from Gujarat but he has lived some part of his life in Mumbai and then he goes to the USA for a long Period then he again comes back to Mumbai and writes all the differences and experiences. He has also written some political scenarios and mentioned all the real names of people in this book which make this book more exciting. You should definitely go for this book.

4. The Blue Umbrella

Author: Ruskin Bond

Subject: Literary Novel  

Genre: fiction

The Blue Umbrella is the most beautiful and heart touching story of a young girl and her umbrella. She lives in a remote hilly village. One she comes across some picnickers and saw a Blue Umbrella and instantly she falls in love with an umbrella she wants that umbrella at any cost and picnicker offers the umbrella in the exchange of her lucky charm and she happily gave the lucky charm in the exchange of a Blue umbrella. Then after everyone in the village started talking about her blue umbrella. Some of them are happy for her but one shopkeeper is obsessed with the blue umbrella and he wants it at any cost. It is the story about the efforts of the shopkeeper to grab that umbrella. This is the most sweet and short story with a happy ending.

3. Midnight’s children

Author: Salman Rushdie

Subject: Magical Realism  

Genre: Historiographic metafiction

Midnight’s children are a stunning story written by Salman Rushdie. It is the kind of autobiography.the author was born at the exact time and date when India became independent from the British. It may sound like a coincidence but Somewhere story points out that there are some connections between Auther’s birth and independence of India. Basically, the story is based on two kinds of people one of them belongs to a wealthy family and the other one is from a middle-class family. And suddenly a middle-class person switch to a higher class and the richer one becomes poor and the story becomes so interesting. Allover the book is so classy and interesting the writing style also so eye-catchy.

2. The Glass palace

Author: Amitav Ghosh

Subject: Romance Novel  

Genre: Historical fiction

The Glass Palace is written by the Indian author Amitav Ghosh. The story starts with an 11 y/o kid whos name is Rajkumar and he comes to Mandle to find her last surviving family member. And he falls in love with the daughter of the king. And the story becomes more interesting and historic. If you love to read about the historical book then you can go for this book.

1. Train to Pakistan

Author: Khusvant Singh

Subject: Narrative, Nationalism  

Genre: Historical fiction

Train to Pakistan is one of the most beautiful and interesting book of this article. The story is about the love between a Hindu guy and the Muslim girl at the time of partition. And the Muslims need to move Pakistan because of partitions. And the story describes the efforts of both lovers. I must say that if you are Indian or not you just need to grab this book. The story is written so precisely by the Author. This story will win your heart. This book is the most recommended book for everyone.

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